“(People) can come through (the museum) and see one hundred years of our music and the heritage ... how it started, from where we got our beginning all the way up until now... The great thing is, being in Dollywood, we get to provide that for folks that really don’t know anything about our music. ... If we don’t have partners to help us, we really don’t have any income... Without that, we’d have to close the doors.” – Arthur Rice (Kingdom Heirs), SGMA Board President

“When someone donates to the SGMA, they are part of something amazing, and that is to preserve the heritage of Southern Gospel music and to keep the Hall of Fame open there... This music is changing lives. And by donating to the SGMA, you are planting seeds and allowing us to keep going and keep singing this great music. And also to educate people...because I believe if they hear the music, they’ll love it.” – Karen Peck Gooch (Karen Peck & New River), board member

“Our motto is ‘Preserving the Heritage.’ And that’s what we want to do. We want to give thanks to all those folks who have paved the road for younger artists, those who’ve madea mark in Gospel music over the last so many years. And we want to be able to keep that going. And it takes money. It takes a lot of work and time and that’s the reason why we’re asking everyone to partner with us to help keep the music alive.” – Gary Casto (Tribute Quartet), board member

“The Southern Gospel Music Association honors and recognizes the pioneers of Southern Gospel music – people who have made a difference, not just in Southern Gospel music, but also in people’s lives. And the museum at Dollywood has all the artifacts — it’s just unbelievable... Giving to the SGMA is tax-deductible. But more importantly, you’re giving to a great organization that not only recognizes the past but, in my opinion, looks forward to the future as well.” – Richard Hyssong (Hyssongs), board member

“If you’re a fan of Southern Gospel music and you’ve been blessed by it, then the SGMA is an organization that can let you participate in the preservation of this great music. Wherever you go, people respond to the messages in these songs. And I think that it’s important that every generation beyond this one remembers the music. We want to preserve what’s gone before us and where we’re at now and what’s coming – and this is a way that you can actively do that.” – Mark Bishop (Mark Bishop & Forget The Sea)

“I would just urge every Christian who loves this music, who wants to see it promoted to the masses, to be a member of the Southern Gospel Music Association. What better way to spend twenty bucks and to be able to say, ‘Hey, I’m not just going to say I want Gospel music to go forward, I’m going to help it go forward.’ ... I think we’re here as much to promote the future as we are to preserve the past.” – Jonathan Wilburn (Wilburn & Wilburn)


A special message from Paul Heil on behalf of the Southern Gospel Music Association

Dear Friend... 

You and I have something in common. You have come to this page because you love good Southern Gospel music. Obviously, so do I. Perhaps you grew up on it. Perhaps you discovered it later in life. Whichever is the case, this music is definitely special — as music, yes, but also, most importantly, in its encouraging and uplifting Gospel message. That’s why I always say Southern Gospel music incorporates “the greatest songs about the greatest message, the Gospel.” 

But if you are truly sensitive to Southern Gospel music’s merit, you – as do I – want to see it continue — growing, expanding and touching more lives with the Gospel. That’s why I am urging you to help support the Southern Gospel Music Association. 

The SGMA, established in 1994, is best known for its Hall of Fame and Museum, located at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This museum archives and displays thousands of significant and fascinating artifacts from a century of Southern Gospel music, telling the amazing story of this great musical style and how it has thrived and impacted millions over the years. What a rich history it has! 

The Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, a centerpiece in the museum, honors individuals who each contributed their life’s work to spread the Gospel effectively through Southern Gospel music. The names and plaques displayed there bring back so many memories — fond memories of these personalities and their work — individuals such as James Blackwood, J.D. Sumner, Glen Payne, Brock Speer, George Younce and so many more

Already, the SGMA has been instrumental in introducing countless new fans – both old and young – to Southern Gospel music. And that’s an important part of the SGMA’s mission for the years ahead, too. In fact, the museum is prominently located just inside the main gates at Dollywood, welcoming more than a million visitors each year, many of whom had been unfamiliar with this music. (Once inside the theme park, admission to the Museum is free.) 

Your personal support of the SGMA, for as little as $20 a year, helps keep this non-profit museum operating – telling the story of Southern Gospel music as no one else does, or even could. Please consider partnering with the SGMA to maintain the programs that have begun there – and to build upon them for the future. 

Partnering with the SGMA is easy. Individual partnerships are just $20 a year. Here’s how to do it: 

  • By mail: Send your name and address and a check for $20 (or a multiple), made out to “SGMA,” to SGMA Partnership, PO Box 6729, Sevierville, TN 37864. You could also send complete credit card information, including your phone number. 
  • By phone: Call 865-908-4040 to sign up easily with your credit card. Please call during office hours, weekdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern. 
  • Online: Go to http://sgma.org/store and then click on “add to cart” for either the one-year or two-year options. Then click “checkout.” You will be prompted for the additional information needed. Notice there is also a “Lifetime Partnership” option you may choose for $1,000 which would be a truly significant financial help for the SGMA. 

If you would rather simply make a direct contribution of any amount to the SGMA, that, too, is an option. Just go to http://sgma.org and, down in the lower right corner of the screen, click on “Donate.” You will be prompted for the information needed. Note that contributions are tax-deductible

You can also contribute through the SGMA's new text giving number. On your smart phone, dial 865-264-2258.  You then simply enter the amount of your contribution ($20 one year, $40 two years, or a larger contribution, etc.). First-time users will be prompted to visit a secure URL to enter credit or debit card information.

By the way, in return for your partnership, you will have an opportunity to vote for future inductees into the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame. From time to time, other benefits are made available, as well. 

In any case, please get involved today. Shelia and I are long-time partners. Your partnership will help to preserve the legacy and history of Southern Gospel music to inspire generations to come, thereby helping to spread the Gospel through this music we all love so much. 


Paul Heil 

PS:  Perhaps you know of a friend who also loves Southern Gospel music and would want to help support the work of the SGMA. Please let them know about this. 

PPS:  Please, if possible, consider visiting the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Museum at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. This is one of the best museums you’ll find for any form of music! (The Museum is open whenever Dollywood is open. Dollywood’s season schedule is here.) 


More info about the SGMA is available on our site here
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