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  Coming the weekend of May 28th & 29th, 2016:

Countdown Edition:  This will be the official monthly Singing News Top 20 Countdown Edition, based on the chart of top radio songs appearing in the magazine's June issue.  Find out what's so unusual about the group that has the new #1 song.

Click for the IsaacsFeatured Artists:  Our Featured Artists on this program will be the Isaacs.  Paul will visit with Lily, Rebecca, Sonya and Ben, talking about songs from their current CD, "The Living Years."  Although this CD's been featured before, we'll include some different (and very special) songs this time.  Ben will talk about the importance for any artist of working with a good producer for their recordings, something he's been doing himself.  Please join us for our visit with the Isaacs.

SGMA Partnerships:  You'll learn how you could help support the continuing work of the Southern Gospel Music Association as it preserves Southern Gospel music's rich heritage and promotes its bright future.  More info is available here.  

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