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 Coming the weekend of April 26th & 27th, 2014:

Countdown Edition:
  This will be our official monthly Top 20 countdown edition, based on Singing News magazine's chart of Southern Gospel favorites as published in their May edition. The chart is determined by tabulating airplay at Southern Gospel radio stations across North America.

Click for Gordon MoteFeatured Artist:   Our Featured Artist on this program will be very gifted singer/songwriter/musician/producer Gordon Mote. We'll visit with him and hear some songs from his current CD, "All Things New." Among them will be his current (and very timely) hit song, "Meanwhile, Back At The Cross." You'll learn how and why some of his latest songs have been touching audiences in a special way. And you'll hear how he's keeping very busy since his six-year stint as pianist for the Gaither Vocal Band. Please join us for our visit with Gordon Mote.

Other Guests:   Among the others we'll visit with briefly are Michael Booth (Booth Brothers), Susan Whisnant (Whisnants), Matthew & Sonya Browder (Browders), Brian Free (Brian Free & Assurance) and more.

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