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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to participate in our Listener Favorite Call-Ins. That's why we have our Advance Registration program.

In fact, Advance Registration now makes possible participation in two ways:

  1. Speeding up the Call-In process for our regular Call-Ins, plus...
  2. Giving callers additional special opportunities to call.

Here's the info:

REGULAR CALL-INS — We continue to have our operator-assisted Call-Ins a few times each year (usually three times). These events, usually on specified Sunday afternoons, are announced in advance on The Gospel Greats program and in our weekly email newsletter. Registrants are also reminded of such events by email a few days in advance. When you are registered, all you have to do when you call during the specified times is to tell our operator your Advance Registration Number. Because you're already on file, you don't have to give the operator your address, saving time and simplifying the process. This is done before your call is transferred to the studio for the actual recording of your song introduction.

Note: During our operator-assisted Call-Ins, we still accept calls from non-registered listeners. But such callers will have to provide the information when they call, as has always been the case in the past. (That's also true if you forget or lose your Advance Registration number.) The date of the next "regular" Call-In, when available, is posted on our Listener Favorites general information page.

SPECIAL CALL-INS — Advance Registrants now have the opportunity to participate in additional Call-Ins which aren't even announced on the air. These additional opportunities are announced only to Advance Registrants by email. These Call-Ins are automated (voice mail), so there is no live operator. But a bonus is that these Call-Ins span an entire weekend — a specified Friday evening through Sunday night — making it more convenient to call when you wish. But you must identify yourself with your Advance Registration number when you call. (These automated Call-Ins are for Registrants only.)

Complete details about the process (including a special toll-free number to call, different from the usual number) are provided in the email notifying you of such a special Call-In opportunity.

To register, simply fill out the form below and click on the "Submit Listener Favorite Advance Registration" button. When we receive and process your registration, we will acknowledge it (within a few days) with an email that includes your unique Advance Registration number. (Hold onto that number!) You need to register only once — your number remains the same for all future Call-Ins. And the same number applies to both types of Call-Ins.

Important:  The deadline for Advance Registration is noon (Eastern Time) on the Friday preceding any scheduled Call-In. Advance Registrations after that deadline would take effect with the next following Call-In. (If you don't hear back from us in time, you're still welcome to call for our Regular Call-Ins — you'll simply have to provide your information verbally to our operator, as has traditionally been the case.)

Advance Registrations remain in effect for future Call-Ins and your number remains the same, so you don't have to re-register each time. Please let us know if any information that you provided as part of your Advance Registration changes.

Thanks for your interest and participation!

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