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General Giveaway Information

We enjoy working with participating prize suppliers to make various prizes available to listeners through giveaways on the program.  
General rules for particular giveaways are always announced on the program and, usually, online entry forms are provided on our web site's Current Info Page page.  
Here is some information, including rules and conditions, applicable to all giveaways aired on The Gospel Greats radio program
(unless other contradicting instructions are given on the air):

  All giveaways are void in locations where they are prohibited for any reason.

  The entry deadline specified in connection with a particular giveaway is the date when all entries must be received at The Gospel Greats program's office. Entries submitted through electronic forms on our web site must be received by noon Eastern time on the deadline date.

  The general rule is for one entry per household for any particular giveaway, even when unstated. Multiple entries from an individual for the same giveaway are considered non-qualifying.

  Giveaway online entry forms are generally found on the Current Info Page of our web site. Some major giveaways, such as our Great Annual Giveaway, may have a separate page, but it will always be linked from the Current Info Page.

  Allowances are made for technical problems that may be encountered in submitting entries from a web site form, such as the inadvertent submission of an incomplete form. Submit again. One complete form will be accepted; incomplete forms will be ignored.

  All requested information must be provided to create a qualifying entry. This generally includes the entrant's name, complete mailing address and phone number. Other information may be requested on specific giveaways which is required to qualify. Entries must be easily legible in order to qualify.

  We cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected entries, either through the mail or online.

  Mail entries may be submitted on postcards or as letter mail, unless otherwise stated. Entries may be submitted by mail even when not specifically mentioned on the air, unless the on-air announcement specifically precludes such submission. (The mailing address is [name of giveaway], c/o The Gospel Greats Program, PO Box 1372, Lancaster, PA 17601 USA.)

  No purchase is required to enter any giveaway on The Gospel Greats program.

  Prize suppliers are solely responsible for providing the announced prizes.

  Submission of an entry constitutes permission by the entrant to announce his or her name on the air (if a winner) and to use his or her voice on the air in connection with the giveaway should the winner be telephoned as part of our notification as a major prize winner.

  Unless otherwise stated, employes of The Gospel Greats program and suppliers of prizes in the particular giveaway in question are not eligible to enter or to win.

  Winners agree to pay any tax liability which may be incurred as a result of winning a prize in any giveaway on this program. Winners of qualifying large prizes will be sent a tax form to be completed and returned promptly, in accordance with applicable tax regulations.

  Entrants agree to release The Gospel Greats program and its principals and prize suppliers from any liability or loss of any kind whatsoever that may be incurred as a result of the prizes.

  Heil Enterprises (The Gospel Greats program) reserves the right to modify these rules, change the prizes or discontinue any giveaway without notice, if deemed necessary due to unforseen circumstances.

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All rights reserved. No material from this site (text, artwork or other elements) may be otherwise used without the express . Copyright for non-original items incorporated into this site by permission is retained by the original authors. 
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