Published November 14, 2017

Shelia Shares

Brenda Denney of 2nd Generation posted the following thought-provoking article. Think about what baggage you are carrying around.

"Sitting here at the Seattle airport watching people walk by and most of them are carrying baggage.

"Some have nice baggage. Some have baggage that looks like it's been through rough times. We can't see what's in the baggage but we know they have it and they are hanging onto it.

"And then some people check all their baggage so that they don't have to deal with it and they can walk freely without being attached to something.

"I quickly thought how this relates to all of us living this thing called life. We all have baggage. Some of us place our issues in designer baggage so that it looks nice to others around us. Some don't care what anyone thinks and they don't care if they look tattered and torn and worn out.

"But here's the thing. We all have it!

"Some people are completely worn slick from carrying their baggage while others are walking around free. They are walking faster to their destination. They are not being held back from anything. They have their heads up and are looking ahead and not looking back at their baggage. It's time to check your baggage with God and let him carry it for you. Don't be weighed down with your baggage that life has given you. Check it and walk with your head held high and know that it's in good hands!!!"

Matthew 11:30 tells us of the Lord's words: "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Put down your heavy baggage. You won't even notice Christ's light yoke.

- Shelia

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