Published October 17, 2017

Shelia Shares
"God of Miracles"

"I can't find them."

"Can't find what?"

"My hearing aids."

We had just finished supper at the family gathering and while my one sister and I cleaned up from supper, everyone else hunted for those missing hearing aids.

They looked on the floor. Under the chairs. Under the bed. In the yard, where he had helped dig up and seed the lawn.

Anywhere my brother-in-law had been, everyone looked.

Finally, my older sister appeared and with a relieved sigh said, "I found them. I was praying."

Where were the hearing aids? In the waste basket in the bedroom. Somehow they had fallen off a night stand and into the waste basket. She had hunted through the trash piece by piece.

"Praise the Lord," said my brother-in-law. "That was a miracle."

If you've lived long enough and have seen God at work in enough situations, the answer is obvious. God cares! He cares about it all.

By the way, the real miracle wasn't in the found hearing aids. It was that God was asked for help. It was that God was given credit in the finding.

How often we forget the God of the miracles.

- Shelia

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