Published September 26, 2017

Shelia Shares
"Praying For Families"

During the week of the National Day of Prayer back in May, WBYN radio asked various people to call in and record a prayer to be shared with their radio audience. There were no further instructions. I called, identified myself and recorded the following specifically for an area of vital need within the world and within the church.

Families are in trouble. There are so many needs within the family. There is divorce and separation. God ordained marriage and blesses that union with the precious gift of children. But, there is abuse and neglect within the family.

As we pray this week, please remember to pray for our families. Please join me in this prayer...

"Our Heavenly Father. We come to You in gratitude for all You provide for us. Your love and care and presence are precious gifts.

"You ordained marriage. Lord, save our homes. Help us to be willing to care for each other and serve each other with attitudes and love that only You can give. Protect our children from the forces of this world. Help us to provide a firm spiritual foundation for our children and grandchildren. Help us to spend time with You, so we can create a strong marriage unit and continue to grow more like You.

"We pray for protection for children and wives and husbands. We ask for forgiveness when we are more centered on ourselves and forget the needs of those closest to us. We pray for peace within the marriage and family. We pray for joy for our families and fun times away from outside distractions.

"Lord, make us more like You.

"In Jesus' precious name, Amen."

- Shelia

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