Published September 5, 2017

Shelia Shares
"Notify Your Face"

This week I had an appointment with my retina specialist/surgeon. When the nurse called me into the examination room, she asked, "How are you?"

I said, "I'm great."

She stopped and looked at me. Then, explaining her reaction, she said, "I don't hear that often."

I told her that I really am great. I believe I am truly blessed. And, I am.

I could have told her about the pains I have. I could have told her about some rough times, both in the past and currently. I choose to believe God is blessing me. (By the way, my checkup was very good.)

On Saturday, I was driving while listening to The Gospel Greats program on the car radio. I stopped at a traffic light and glanced over to the guy in the next car. He was giving me a dirty look.

My first thought was "what did I do wrong?" Then I realized I had cranked up The Gospel Greats program and was "moving" to Lauren Talley singing "I Hear A Song." I did turn the radio down a bit. (If I had thought of it, I would have rolled the passenger side window down and suggested he tune to 94.5 and listen to the program. I also should have thanked him for making me feel like a teenager.)

These stories reminded me of three things we need to do as Christians.

  1. We need to know the God we serve. The God Who created the universe. The God Who lived on this earth, died and rose again. The God Who intercedes for us.
  2. We need to know what we believe. Not just in general terms, but the specifics. We need to know the Scriptures on which those beliefs are based. We need to tell others.

  3. We need to believe we are blessed. We need to notify our faces. We need to share in words. We need to live what we believe.

Know God. Believe what He said. Tell others.

- Shelia

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