Published June 6, 2017

Shelia Shares

For Christmas 2016, Paul and I bought each other "smart phones." We had cell phones (what we called "dumb" phones) that would allow us to make calls. However, there were times it would have been convenient to be able to text or to look up business locations or other info online.

The Android phones we bought were the exact model that our older son had. That way he could explain to us how we could use these phones. He spent a couple hours with me and I was to explain to Paul. We thought we had a good idea about how to use our phones.

Soon thereafter, one Saturday I was going to a store. I called Paul. The phone rang and rang. Finally, I went to his voice mail and left a message.

I was driving down the road and my phone began to ring. I picked it up and tried to answer it. I swiped this way and that on the screen. I tried to push "buttons." I couldn't answer. Finally, it stopped ringing.

When I arrived at the store, I picked up my phone and unlocked the screen. I knew I could answer if my screen was open. Obviously, I thought, I couldn't answer if the phone were locked.

Shortly, my phone rang and I answered. It was Paul. I mentioned that I had tried to call him.

He told me that he heard his phone ring at the office, ran down the hall to retrieve the phone and tried to answer. He couldn't. Soon, it stopped ringing. He told me that he had called me back. I explained that I hadn't been able to answer his call either.

We decided to practice making and getting calls when we got home. The phones were quite useless if we couldn't even receive calls on them. (By the way, on my way driving home, I remembered my son's instructions about how to answer and was able to show Paul how to do it. We even practiced a couple of times. There's nothing quite like seeing ourselves fulfill "senior stereotypes.")

Some people use prayer like Paul and I use our cell phones. Prayer is only necessary for emergencies. And, for each emergency, they need to learn how to use prayer again.

I Thessalonians 5:17 reads, "Pray without ceasing." Pray all the time. Don't just pray when you have a problem. Talk to God about the good and the bad and the ordinary and the special.

When you hear about someone who is hurting, breathe a prayer for them. Hear about someone having a baby and breathe a prayer of thanks. See an accident and ask God to intervene with the victims and protect the first responders. See a dejected face and offer a smile along with a silent, intercessory prayer. Spend longer times in silence as you pray and listen.

We have been given a mighty tool by an almighty God. We don't have to go through any person on this earth. The barriers are gone. We can go directly to God's throne through Jesus, who intercedes for us. Wow!

Pray often. Speak to God enough that you know Him. Pray today. Know how to call – and how to answer.

- Shelia

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