Published May 30, 2017

Shelia Shares
"Can We Trust?"

Years ago, I visited my sister and brother-in-law near Virginia Beach. I was young and when my brother-in-law told me we could drive down onto the sandy beach, I assumed he was joking.

Finally, he convinced me that the sand would, indeed, hold his pickup truck and we wouldn't get stuck.

I believed him. In fact, I not only believed him, but I trusted him enough to get in the truck and go with him. Knowing when to go and where to drive, he drove us down the beach and we never got stuck. (Of course, he knew how to judge the correct time and tide.)

We often say we believe God and His Word. In theory, we do believe. He will take care of everything. He does everything for our good. He is our healer, our comforter and our provider.

The problem comes when we are required not only to believe Him, but also to trust Him.

We lose a dear one to death and He is our comforter. But, is He really enough? We need a person with us to comfort us. We need physical arms around us. And, sometimes, we avoid being around other people and wallow in our sorrow. Do we actually trust Him as our comforter?

The bank account is empty. We need physical things. We need things like food and clothes. He is our provider. But, can we trust that He actually will provide or do we need to do a "GoFundMe" or to tell a lot of people so someone sympathetically gives us what we need? Can He really provide for us without someone else helping?

The surgery doesn't go well or the cancer returns. Do we trust Him as our healer? Are we willing to accept His type of permanent healing, if that is His will? In this "unhealthy" situation, are we trusting enough to believe He works for our good?

You see, we can believe a lot of things. But trusting means acting in accord with that belief. It means stepping out of the boat like Peter did. It means touching the hem of Jesus' garment, like the woman with the issue of blood. It means obeying God rather than man and facing the hungry lions or the roaring furnace. It means acting in faith, knowing that God might not answer as we would choose. Trusting is believing in what cannot be seen. It is knowing that our "mountain" will move in God's way and time.

Are you living your life with a firm foundation of a relationship with Christ Jesus? Are you built on the solid rock of Jesus? Are you willing to step out, not knowing if you will walk on a firm foundation or fall off the edge into space? Faith is belief in what we cannot see because of a God who cannot fail.

Believe Him. Trust Him. Live life to the full – enjoy life on this earth, assured of an abundantly "wonderful-beyond-imagination" eternity with the God Who knows you and created you.

- Shelia

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