Published August 23, 2016

Shelia Shares
"Encouraging Others"

On Saturday, Paul and I chose to eat at a pizza buffet. A young couple also ate there with their little son. He was about two years old. As children that age do, he looked around in his chair taking in all the action in the restaurant. His parents quietly called for his attention and when he turned around, he realized they were going to pray. Without any additional prompting, he held hands with his parents and bowed his head, keeping it bowed until his dad said "Amen." Obviously, prayer before a meal was something he did regularly.

When we were ready to leave the restaurant, I stopped by the family's table. "It is so nice to see a family pray together. Obviously, your son is used to praying, too. He knew what to do." They smiled and nodded. "You are very blessed – and he is, too."

Sometimes it is the little things that count.

Maybe those parents needed to know that they were doing something right with their son. And, it is always encouraging when people talk favorably about your child.

Maybe they needed to know that their prayer was a witness to someone. Maybe they needed encouragement to continue to pray in public.

Earlier that same day, I was in a store looking at clothing. An older lady tried on a sweater that looked beautiful on her. I complimented her on the sweater and she seemed blown away that someone would tell her how good she looked. She thanked me several times.

Maybe she needed to know she still had good taste.

Maybe she needed someone to talk with her and needed to be affirmed as a person with worth.

Maybe I commented just to make myself feel good.

They were small remarks. Anyone could have made them. I did.

If there is a sincere positive comment you can make, make it. You never know what someone is going through. It might be little to you, but God can use it to encourage something big. Every life matters and you just might make the difference.

- Shelia

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