Published August 2, 2016

Shelia Shares

"Coffee Break" is a morning devotional written by Lorraine Ezell. Her website is Her message that I've chosen to share below can be an encouragement to each one of us. Who hasn't fallen and wondered if they could ever get up again? With God's touch, we can get up and with His help we can stand firm. Be encouraged.

- Shelia

"Help, I Have Fallen"
by Lorraine Ezell

"Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with His hand" (Psalm 37:24).

The slogan for a popular medical alert system is, "I've fallen and I can't get up." Do you ever feel like you have "fallen" — fallen spiritually? What you once experienced with the Lord seems to be gone. You have fallen from the love you once had for Him and others. You have fallen in your responsibilities and service for Him. You have fallen in your acts of obedience. You have fallen because of some sin that you entertained or because you gave in to some temptation.

In that "fall" do you feel that you can't get up? Do you feel that it is useless to even try? Do you feel that you will never be where you once were? Do you feel like you will never love again, never have peace again, never experience the joy of the Lord or His abiding presence? Do you feel as though you have fallen so hard and so far that you will live the rest of your life on the "floor?" Do you feel so hopeless that you will never get up again?

There are times when we may fall and in those times we have an accuser who comes along and tells us that we "can't get up." He tells us that we are destined to stay down, we deserve to stay down there, we don't deserve help, we won't ever be able to get up, and why get up anyway when we will only "fall" again. He tries to make us fearful. He tries to take away hope that we can get up and stay up and stop falling.

I have good news for you. While we have an accuser who tries to keep us down and take away our hope of getting up, there is Someone who will come to our aid and rescue us and pick us up. His name is Jesus. Though I fall, I am not doomed to stay down. I may not be able to get up on my own — through my own strength or ability — but Jesus can and will pick me up. His strength is made perfect in my weakness. Even if I fall into a pit, His arm is long enough to reach down and pull me out.

If you have fallen, He doesn't want you to stay down. So, don't just stay there. Call out to Him for help. You can get up. He will reach down and pull you up and set your feet on a firm foundation.

If you have fallen, you can get up. Jesus will pick you up when you call out to Him for help.

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