Published April 19, 2016

Shelia Shares
"The Whats & Whys"

If I ask you "what" you do, there would be a lot of answers. You might say...

If I ask you "why" you do it, there would also be a lot of answers, such as...

Could I ask you "what" you do for the Lord? Think about that for a minute.

It could include preaching, teaching Sunday School, praying, singing, sharing with the homeless, visiting nursing homes, greeting people, nursery care, ushering, tithing and much more.

Could I ask you "why" you do it?  Think about that for a minute.

Actually, the "why" is the most important question.

Our reason for working for the Lord can be any of these practical reasons. But, unless the basic underlying key reason is because of what Jesus did for us, it's just a job. Our thankfulness to God for His redemption will make us do the activity in the best way possible.

It will help us to not just preach, but to preach because we are more concerned with the souls of those who hear than we are with how great they will think we preach.

Because of our understanding of how much God loves us, we will pray to God as though it is just the two of us, not so people will be impressed with how well we can put together a prayer.

Because of everything God gave us, we will take care of those children in the nursery, for example, in ways that will point those little ones to a loving, caring God.

Because God reached into our hearts, we will sing not only beautiful words, but with a passion that communicates to an audience that God is the only answer to their problems.

Think about "what" you do. And think about "why" you do it.

- Shelia

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