Published April 5, 2016

Shelia Shares
"The Small Things"

Ryan Bomgardner is a gifted ventriloquist and the voice behind his little "dummy" friend, Jeffrey. His audiences expect a flawlessly clean show and sidesplitting comedy, and Ryan & Friends deliver. I hope Ryan's recent Facebook post (shared here by his permission) will make you think about what you can do today to brighten someone else's day:

"Flying to Chicago today. Got breakfast at Subway. The very unhappy employee seemed quite displeased to have a customer (her only customer) and muttered under her breath as she prepared my breakfast.

"I ate, left, and as I headed to my flight, God tugged on my heart. Was pretty sure I was supposed to go back and say something to her. After a bit of an argument with God (I explained to God she didn't really deserve something nice said to her... And besides I needed to catch a flight so I could go tell people about Jesus), God won out and I turned around.

"I thanked her for my delicious breakfast. ‘I noticed you were rather stressed. I'll be praying for you today.'

"Her face lit up.... She thanked me and told me about her frazzled morning. We chatted a bit, and she wished me a nice flight....

"Nothing big...

"But perhaps it's the small things that God asks me to do that I miss. Maybe she didn't seem to deserve kindness, but I realized neither do I deserve what I have been given...GRACE."

- Shelia

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