Published February 16, 2016

Shelia Shares

Back in December Paul and I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, for Legacy Five's New Year's Eve weekend. It had been some time since we visited in the Nashville area together.

It made me think back to the mid-1980s when the National Quartet Convention was held in downtown Nashville. Back then, we stayed at the NQC headquarters hotel, the Hyatt Regency.

One day when we left our room and stepped into the elevator, we were joined by a well-known music executive we knew. We greeted him and conversed as we rode down to the ground floor.

As he looked at Paul and me, he mentioned that we always seemed to be together. He mentioned that we seemed to like each other. He said he thought that was "so nice."

I remember getting out of the elevator and, when the man had left, discussing that conversation with Paul. It seemed a bit strange to us. Of course, we were together a lot. We're married. We actually like each other. We thought it was somewhat normal for married couples to be in love.

It was some months later that we heard about that music executive's divorce.

We had been looking at him with his expensive jewelry and powerful position and good connections. He was looking at us and observing that we clearly had so much that he apparently didn't.

As we enjoy the month of love, be sure to treasure your relationships. Thank God for your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your parents, your children, your neighbors and your friends. Today they are with you, but tomorrow they might be absent. Death takes people away, sometimes unexpectedly. Circumstances can remove people from your life. We are not guaranteed that our present relationships will last.

But there is one relationship that we know is good for eternity. Jesus comes to us and reaches for us. When we accept Him as our Savior, Lord, Comforter, Counselor, He remains with us...eternally.

Treasure earthly friendships today. But, be sure you have a heavenly friendship with God. He will never fail you.


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