Published November 17, 2015

Shelia Shares

As I was listening to "The Gospel Greats" program recently, I heard a song called "Stay." It is written by Ray Scarbrough and the Old Paths' version kept me enthralled until the end. In fact, it inspired this "Shelia Shares."

None of us likes change. Change causes fear. Uncertainty. Questions. We know things won't be the same. What is ahead?

When someone is leaving – dying – we want them to "stay." We plead with God for them to "stay" with us. But, in God's time, He takes the person to be with Him and to leave this world. We say "stay," but God knows it is better for them to leave — and oh the perfection they experience when they do leave this world.

The Old Paths are disbanding their quartet in December of this year. They are at the top of their game and respected within the music industry by fans and peers. Many people don't understand and want them to "stay." Why would they leave such success? But, God has another plan. So, although their ministering won't be together as a group, God will find a place for them to minister individually.

Our home church is making changes in March of next year when our pastor retires, and if it remains open as a church, will be in a new configuration. Paul and I are making plans to move on at that time, but we've been asked to "stay." "Why can't you serve God here?" But, the important voice is God's voice and whether or not He is saying, "stay."

When Jesus spoke about what was coming in His life, His followers didn't want to hear it. They even argued that he was wrong. "No, it is not going to be like that." They wanted Him to "stay." They wanted things to continue the same way they had been with Him moving towards being King in this world. They wanted Him with them as their leader.

But, Jesus knew it was necessary for Him to leave. He knew it was God's master plan that He leave. It was necessary for giving eternal life to them and to us.

There are voices all around us and we need to know who is saying "stay." One day, we will be at home in heaven. And that is the only place where someone can say "stay," and we can be absolutely assured that it is God's voice. How I want to hear Him say, "Welcome home. Feel free to ‘stay.'"


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