Published October 20, 2015

Shelia Shares

CVS sends wonderful coupon discounts when you sign up on email for their "rewards" program. Whether it is buying pain relievers or laundry detergent, their prices are competitive with most other stores.

Shopping there the other day, I wanted to buy items totaling a minimum of $25.00 so that, with my rewards coupon, I would get $6.00 off. Between detergent, cereal and a couple other items, I knew I qualified.

When it came time to check out, I stood at the counter hunting for my rewards card. A gentleman appeared behind me and I told him to go ahead. He said, "Thanks," and checked out.

As I moved to the cash register, I now had my rewards card and credit card in my hand. I chatted with the store attendant as he worked. When it was time to bag my items, he said, "I'll get you a bag from over here." He walked to the other end of the counter and came back with a cloth re-useable bag. He again mentioned that he wanted to give me a special bag.

I thanked him for the cloth bag and then asked why I qualified for the special treatment. His response surprised me: "You allowed that man to go ahead of you."

I explained that I hadn't been ready to check out and that man only had one item. It just seemed right to let him check out first.

"You'd be surprised at how many people wouldn't have done that," he said. He told me that people can take a long time finding their cards, while a line of customers gathers behind them, and most would never allow someone to get ahead of them. He told me that I was nice, so he gave me a nice bag.

I thought that was very kind of the store clerk.

But, I was reminded that general kindness (which doesn't take much of an effort) is noticed more these days because it is no longer the way some people normally act. It doesn't have to be a wonderful sermon that you preach; sometimes just being polite shows Jesus to those around you.

Look for the opportunities to witness today.

- Shelia

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