Published July 28, 2015

Shelia Shares
"Healing Wounds"

On July 16, I visited Conestoga Oral Surgery to have a molar extracted. Anything to do with dental work is a "crisis" for me.

I asked for prayer. Specifically I asked for prayer for "peace, no problems with the extraction and healing." Boy, did God answer!

I was a nervous wreck. My blood pressure was high. The doctor told me all the awful stuff that could go wrong. I signed the consent form. Then the doctor gave the local anesthesia to numb the area. While they waited for it to take effect, he and his assistant left the room.

As I sat there with my nerves on high alert, I started to praise the Lord. I told Him I wasn't praising to bargain with Him, but because I needed to remind myself that I trusted Him. I praised Him for knowing the beginning and the end. I thanked Him for being faithful. I quoted the Scripture about His plans for my good and not for evil. I thanked Him for loving me. Suddenly, I was singing a brand new simple song in praise to the Lord. I realized I was much calmer and I knew He was present in the room.

The doctor came back and started the procedure. The tooth was extracted in one big piece. It was removed before I had time to panic. No sutures were needed. I told them God gave me exactly what I asked.

The doctor told me the bone would grow back in my gums, given time. But, over the next days as I healed, there was a big empty hole where the tooth had been. I needed to keep it clean and be sure anything bad was rinsed from the area.

Many people have gaping holes in their lives. They have raw wounds. They have hidden holes caused through choices and circumstances they didn't choose.

Some people fill the gaping wounds with thoughts and acts of revenge. Some allow bitterness to fill the hole. For others there is unforgiveness and miserable regret that fills the wound and their lives.

But other people make a choice to be healed. They fill that same mammoth hole with forgiveness of themselves and forgiveness toward others. They don't wait to be asked, they simply forgive. They look to God to be faithful and use everything for good and not for evil. They leave the revenge up to God. They refuse to live in past failures and continue to trust God to open doors and allow them to grow in Him.

Is it easy?   No.

Waiting for the hole in my gums to heal and fill takes time. It requires care. It requires attention to what I put in that area. I need to cleanse from things that would infect it.

The same is true of wounds in our lives. It requires care, attention and not allowing anything to take root and infect thoughts and actions. God is a healing God. Allow Him to touch your life.


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