Published June 30, 2015

Shelia Shares
"Not My Gift"

My parents taught Christian principles by the way they lived their lives. They supported the church through time, talents and money. We were expected to do the same.

I well remember one Sunday when my dad was pastoring a small church in a rural community. There were not many members and no outstanding singers. The singing wasn't the best and we definitely depended on the piano for help.

When one of the ladies arrived at church, she told my dad that the pianist couldn't be there that Sunday. There was no one else in the congregation that played piano.

My dad looked at me and told me I needed to play piano.

I told him that I didn't play.

He reminded me that he had heard me playing on the organ at home.

We had a small chord organ with about three octaves. I played from a special booklet that listed one note at a time. I explained that I really didn't know how to play.

He told me there was no one else to play piano, so I would have to do so. He even told me I could pick whatever songs I wanted to play.

I played piano that Sunday – one single note at a time. Everyone told me what a good job I did. I knew they were being more than kind and I was so glad to have church finally end. I prayed the pianist would be able to be at church the next Sunday – and forever. I still shudder when I think of that experience.

God gives us gifts and talents. When we use our gifts and talents, the church functions well. When we try to do jobs that are not our gifting or our talent, the whole body suffers. We burn out. We are embarrassed and others struggle to find something positive. Everything feels and sounds off key.

Each person has something they can do for the church. Each person is uniquely gifted. Each person has situations where their personality shines and they are the best person for the job.

Use your gifts wisely. Accept that nobody is the best at everything. Support those who serve. Work together as a church. Leave the results to the Lord.


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