Published May 12, 2015

Shelia Shares....
"Food For Body & Soul"

During the warmer months, a church in our area offers free coffee, orange juice and donuts to people on their way to work once a month. You drive through under their car port. They offer you any of the items and then bring you what you want. I like the donuts and I like to offer them encouragement. So, when I can, I stop by. (After all, it's right on my way to work.)

This past Friday was their day for donuts, so I stopped. It was early morning, but, for me, it had already been a tough day – and a tough week.

The first gentleman had a big smile and wonderful sense of humor. He took my order and made me smile in the process.

A lady brought the coffee and donut to my car. I thanked her and asked how she was doing. She told me she was having a great morning. Then she returned the favor and asked how my day was going. I started to say "fine," and then decided to be honest.

"It's been a rough morning. It's been a heavy week. Say a prayer for me when you can."

She said how sorry she was to hear I was having a rough time and told me that she would say a prayer. She turned to go, and then stopped and came back. Hesitantly she asked, "Would you like me to pray now?"

"Absolutely," I said.

She prayed a short, sweet prayer. I sincerely thanked her and, already late, headed for the office.

The thought that someone I really didn't even know cared so much really perked up my morning. It made big a difference in my day.

Is there someone to whom you can offer that same encouragement today?  Look for the opportunities.


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