Published January 13, 2014

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Aside from her nursing career, Marcia Henry is a gifted songwriter. (My favorite song she wrote is "Beautiful Valley," made popular by the Down East Boys in 1990.) Today, in this guest column, she asks a question, "Are you in the right place?"

"Are You In The Right Place?"
By Marcia Henry

As the children of Israel entered the land of promise they were full of expectation. A land flowing with milk and honey, the promise to the patriarchs, covenant fulfilled. But there were enemies of covenant in Canaan, giants and warlords to confront.

Were the Israelites in the right place? Had God led them here by mistake? Yes and no. Right place yes. God make a mistake? NO! He is not a man that He should lie nor the son of man that He should repent.

They had arrived right on time, exactly where the Lord decided they should camp. Then they had to invade their promise. Joshua's strategic first phase was to send the priests bearing the ark first. The Jordan rolled back as the presence of the Lord parted the waters just like the Red Sea. Battles and bloodshed, sacrifice and suffering.....yet they were in the right place. And yes the conquest of the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was accomplished.

Friends, have we the expectation that "our promised land" is free from all that may test us in the land in which we now reside? There are forces arrayed against the children of God. I believe as we move up in rank in the Lord's army we encounter demons of higher rank as well. I believe it was Joyce Meyer who said, "New level, new devil."

So, dear ones, don't second guess yourself. If we are obedient and seek the Lord with all our heart we will find Him. And where He is, that is the right place despite what it looks like. Are you in the right place?

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