Published October 14, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"A Servant's Heart"

The recent National Quartet Convention (NQC) provided great memories with so many special moments and people. As you know, 2014 was the first year for NQC to be held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It is a new facility, as well as a new city, so there were naturally some problems to conquer. The NQC board and Pigeon Forge folks worked tirelessly and did a wonderful job.

Monday of NQC, I tracked down Leon Downey, head of the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism. Paul wanted a brief interview with him regarding hosting NQC at the new LeConte Center. That day I found Mr. Downey to be a commanding and organized leader with a gentle Christian spirit.

Monday evening as we walked across the bridge to our motel, I saw Mr. Downey directing traffic for the tour buses and city trolleys. The next evening, he was again helping with bus traffic. As we passed him, I commented that I was surprised to see him directing traffic. His reply was, "If I'm not willing to do something, how can I ask my staff to do it?"

You can say that being sure traffic is running smoothly is his job. He should be there doing that job.

But, one afternoon we saw a man picking up little pieces of trash around the outside of the LeConte Center. As we came closer, we saw that it was Leon Downey, head of the Department of Tourism, himself. Now, picking up trash was not likely a part of his job description. He could have called maintenance workers to do it. But, to stoop to pick up trash showed a true servant's heart.

Where is your servant's heart?

Jesus was our greatest example, not only when he washed the disciples' feet, but in all His actions. If anyone deserved honor in this world, Jesus did. If anyone had position and authority, Jesus did. But, He never asked for honor. He never demanded position. He served.

Jesus was truly humble and served from a heart of love.

Do you have a servant's heart?


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