Published September 2, 2014

Shelia Shares....

Backing out of the garage, I heard a noise. In fact, I stopped the car and got out, looking around to see if I had hit anything. Everything looked fine.

I drove to work and forgot about the incident.

I needed to get some things from the store, so I left work an hour early that day. I backed out of my parking space at the office and the car quit. It didn't sputter. It died.

I put my car into park and tried to restart it. It started. I tried reverse and it worked. I went forward and it worked.

"Just a fluke," I decided.

I headed for the store, getting barely onto the road, before the "check engine" light came on. I've driven with that light, which comes on periodically. But, this time, I knew I had a problem. The car didn't drive right.

I returned to the office where my husband and son checked my 2002 PT Cruiser. Finally, I called the garage mechanic. He recommended getting the vehicle to him, so he could look at the car's computer "error code." He also recommended that someone follow me to the garage.

Paul and I took off, me in the PT and he following in the van. The car was difficult to drive. It was dragging. I checked to be sure the emergency brake was released. Stopping at a corner, I moved from "drive" to "neutral" to "drive," just to be sure I was in gear. Not traveling faster than 25-30 mph, I could only imagine what other drivers were saying. Meantime, I was praying my way to the garage.

It was a transmission-related $550 solenoid pack problem and several days later when I drove away from the garage, the PT drove like a charm. It was easy driving.

Life can be like my problem car. We can be trying for all we are worth, but something is holding us back. Something is dragging us down. That's when we need to reevaluate.

Is there a sin? Is there a disobedience? Is there another "god" in first place in your life? Is it fear, instead of trust? What is keeping you "out of gear?"

My car is working like a charm since I got it fixed.

How's your life working? Evaluate, ask forgiveness, trust God and move through life with joy and confidence regardless of the circumstances.

- Shelia

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