Published May 20, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"The Telemarketer"

I've never been particularly fond of telemarketers. Recently, I've had several calls from "Windows," saying that my computer "told them" that it has a virus.

I've explained to them that I am not interested in their "help." I've asked them not to call me again. I've asked to be put on their "Do Not Call" list. Nothing helps.

Recently when they called, I was in a crazy mood. I deliberately sounded like I went into a panic about the virus. I asked if I should call the doctor. I gave them a three minute rapid-pace monologue, during which they hung up on me. I actually felt a bit bad for the marketer.

One day last week, I had just laid down for a short rest. The phone rang. I didn't want it to wake my son, just home from surgery, so I got up and ran for the phone. It was, again, "Windows" calling about my virus. The caller was insistent that I go to my computer so we could take care of this problem. I couldn't seem to discourage him.

Then I had an idea. Earlier in the day, I had done my devotions on Back when I had trouble with my eyes, someone recommended their audio Bible. It makes reading longer passages of Scripture easier for me even today. Remembering my devotions, I went to the computer.

I pulled up Gateway Bible, went to their audio Bible section, set it for John 3 and put my phone receiver in front of my computer speakers. Max McLean began to read from John 3. I could hear the telemarketer trying to get my attention. I wandered away from my computer to find another phone. Max kept reading.

After we had passed John 3:16, I picked up on the other phone and said, "hello." The line was live but there was no response. Shortly I hung up.

I am not advising this as a witnessing tool. In fact, witnessing had nothing to do with me starting the audio Bible. I wanted to get rid of a telemarketer without being nasty and I knew I was close to losing my cool.

But God's Word says that His Word will always accomplish its purpose. Can that work even when our intentions are not right? Can God speak through an audio Bible to someone in another country who might never have heard about Jesus?

God's Word is powerful and I trust it to work its purpose – in me, in a telemarketer and wherever it is preached in this world.

- Shelia

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