Published May 13, 2014

Shelia Shares....

Although Mother's Day has past, being a mother never ends. Once you are a mother, you continue that "job" as long as you live.

You might sometimes wonder if you will get through those sleepless nights with a newborn or if you'll ever be able to just sit down without a toddler to chase.

The years of school bring their own challenges. There is the time your child fails to realize they can accomplish the project or ace the math test. There are your own worries about the friends your child chooses and your own ability to love and lead as that child needs.

Even after your child is grown and managing his own life, there are the times he is back for assistance or a listening ear. There are also times of prayer for God to answer a need in your child's life or to protect that child in situations where you couldn't help even if you were there.

Our child belongs to God. He is simply in our care. We have the job of giving the nurturing and love and encouragement he needs.

May we depend on God to send His love flowing through us. May we continue to teach our child about Jesus through our hugs, tender care, accepting smiles.

Although none of us is perfect, I pray that God will mold you and me into being His representative, as a mother who knows God and longs to give her child that same assurance of knowing Him.

Celebrate being a mother and depend on the Lord for the daily tasks. We are blessed by the love we receive. We can change hearts eternally by the love we give.


P.S. Some weeks back, I had asked for prayer for our son. He was at the gym and had an intense pain, collapsing and ending up in the ER. I would ask your prayers for him again as he faces hernia surgery on Wednesday, May 14.

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