Published March 11, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"Life Changes"

Today the local radio station took a survey of listeners. The question was: "What do you do now that would cause your 22-year-old self to roll your eyes?" It was an interesting question and the answers were varied and interesting, as well.

      A man answered, "Watching Food Network with my family."
      A woman said, "Wearing flats."
      "Bed at 9:30 p.m."
      "Getting a mini-van."
      A husky, macho sounding guy said, "I drive more slowly in traffic now."

I can identify with most of these. The 22-year-old evolves into a different person as the years go by. Most of us don't allow peer pressure to push us where we don't want to go. Comfort takes precedence over style. Because of past experience, wisdom helps to shape our decisions.

We can also go in the opposite direction. One lady responded that her 22-year-old self didn't smoke and couldn't stand to have anyone smoke around her. But now, she has developed the habit herself.

Let's look at this spiritually. What do you do now that is different than you would have expected at age 22? Maybe at 22, you were a new Christian and your relationship with the Lord was fresh and active. Maybe at 22, you didn't know the Lord. Has your Bible reading increased or become more regular? Do your prayers have a new depth?

As your physical body and thoughts have matured, has your spiritual life matured? Have you lost that "first love" for the Lord? Have you forgotten to live in a Christ-like way?

May you have wisdom and strength and joy as you serve the Lord – the one who never changes and continues to love you with infinite love.

- Shelia

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