Published January 7, 2014

Shelia Shares....
"A Goal For 2014"

I am not big on making New Year's Resolutions. Each year the most common resolution is to diet. How long do you think that resolve will last for most people?

This year I do have a resolution, although I prefer to call it a goal. I want to grow to be like Christ. I want to get closer to God.

Growing to be like Christ doesn't just happen. It takes effort. In fact, will you join me in this resolve? What steps will you take to ensure a closer walk with God?

A song by Phil McHugh states my desire. The song is titled "One Day Jesus Will Call My Name." Here's the chorus.

"One day Jesus will call my name
As days go by, ‘hope I don't stay the same.
I wanna get so close to Him that it's no big change,
On that day that Jesus calls my name!"

In 2014, join me in resolving (by God's strength) to continue to grow in Him.

- Shelia

"You therefore, beloved ... grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..." (2 Peter 3:17-18).

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