Published December 3, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Thanksgiving Afterthoughts"

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday where we take a step back and think about the things for which we should be grateful. It's a great time to enjoy family and create memories.

But sometimes, Thanksgiving has a way of creating the wrong kind of memories.

Dave Ramsey (of the "Money Matters" broadcast) asked his Facebook fans about some of their Thanksgiving horror stories, and they responded in full force. Here are two of the stories:

"When my husband and I were newly married, a friend brought us a wild turkey he had killed. We were thrilled! I set about preparing it. The house smelled fantastic. It was time to take it from the oven and I was wrapping up all the little stuff to complete the meal so we could have our feast. It was about then that our doorbell rang. It was the guy who gave us the turkey—and the game warden. Apparently he had taken the turkey out of season and was in big trouble. They ask me to remove the turkey and bag it for them. We said goodbye to our Thanksgiving turkey and ate veggies and stuffing. I am quite certain someone enjoyed that turkey that year, but it wasn't my family." —Gina

"When I was younger, I had hamsters. One had been missing for about two weeks. We were at the table during Thanksgiving dinner and we kept hearing this scratching noise. Next thing you know, Stimpy the AWOL hamster had chewed through the upstairs floor and dining room ceiling around the chandelier and landed in the gravy. I can still hear my mom's screams." —Ashley

So if this was not your favorite Thanksgiving for some reason, know that it could have been worse – much worse – and give thanks. We are indeed a blessed people!


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