Published Nov. 19, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Quiet Thoughts - Responses"

The past week Paul and I spoke at a banquet for radio station WPFG Radio in Carlisle, PA. It was a great crowd and we were honored to be able to speak to them.

After we talked, comments from people about things we had said were interesting. One commented about talking to people as unique "individuals," not just lumped together as a group. Another mentioned "sowing the seed" by getting the Gospel out. One commented on what I had said about doing "lonely" work on occasion. All these were in my sharing time. Each person heard something different that applied to their own life and "where they are" in life.

The same happens when I write a "Shelia Shares." Each person pulls out the part that speaks to them in some special way. It might be the main focus of the writing or it might be some little comment that rides along in the article.

Last week I wrote about God speaking to us in the silence. The comments I received were varied. I'd like to share some of them because they might be what you need to hear this week.

"Our church is located at very busy intersection. I, too, have thought many times when I hear the revving engines, those folks need to be in church! I drive about 25 minutes to my church for service and on my way, I drive past a state park. In the summer, the parking lots are filled with cars, and the lake spotted with boats. In the winter (if the lake is frozen) it again is dotted with people ice fishing. I drive by and wonder ‘did any of these souls ever stop and think, should I go to church today?' Even ‘Christians' today can't be quiet long enough to hear God's voice. I find myself getting somewhat irritated when I go to visit someone, even Christians, and the TV is on or the radio and sometimes with good programming ("The Gospel Greats" for example). But they have it on 24/7 as a distraction (I have had people tell me just that). I enjoy and cherish my quiet time with God!" (Kevin)

"Shelia, you're right on. We need more silent time with God. I know I do. My nights are filled with asking for healing for so many and the list is growing, and there are so many praying for me with my back experience lately and it is healing." (Jan)

"Funny you should mention that we should go outside the church. I like the way my pastor teaches but I have also been going to another church on Thursdays to learn more about how to witness to the outside world. I think that a lot of churches are focused mainly on a certain specialty. But, it does not hurt to find out more about what God wants us to do, especially if He puts it in our hearts to help others around us learn more about how much a loving God He can be – especially to those that believe. Thanks for sharing." (Pam)

"Your 'quiet thoughts' were 'food for thought' as well. I could almost stand there in the quiet with you in that Sunday School room by your vivid description. I 'cherish' the quiet with Him and yes, that is when we can hear Him best." (Anna)

"Thank you for the message about listening to God and having Him speak to us. That is exactly what we are doing at my church on Wednesday evenings. We are praying and seeking to listen to God's voice. God is truly speaking to us, but we need to keep listening so we don't miss what He wants us to hear. When I teach children at church, I tell them often that praying is not just talking to God, but is also allowing God to talk to us. That is always good to remember, that prayer is not a one-way conversation. Thank you for confirming that to me." (Kathy)

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