Published November 12, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Quiet Thoughts"

Before we begin Sunday School at our church, the adults have a time of corporate prayer. Generally, I open the time to anyone who wants to share a prayer, after which I pray and say the "amen" before we go to our classes. As we sat in silence, God seemed to speak to me.

Our church is on a busy road and I heard the sound of constant traffic. It reminded me that there is a world outside the church that needs Jesus. We need to be willing to share with those people. We need to thank God that He has entrusted us to tell others about Him.

I heard breathing of those inside the building. I am thankful for the group that God has brought together for worship of Him. I am thankful that together we can be encouraged and strengthened during the church worship service, as well as challenged for the rest of the week.

The ticking of the big wall clock reminded me that time is short. Jesus is coming again. We need to do what we can while we still have time.

Spend some time in silence before God and see what He says to you.


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