Published October 1, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"True Freedom"

Many people look at Christians and wonder how anyone could voluntarily give up their freedom and accept Christ.

Psalm 37: 23 and 24 assures us that we are giving up nothing when we obey the Lord: "When a man's steps follow the Lord, God is pleased with his ways. If he stumbles, he will not fall, because the Lord holds his hand."

What freedom there is in knowing that when I follow the Lord, I won't fall. I might stumble, but there is a hand that keeps me upright.

Traveling is difficult for me. After sitting for a few hours, I find it hard to stand up straight, to put my weight on my legs and to walk normally. I walk slowly. I lean on the car and on my husband. I stumble. However, when Paul has his supporting hands on me, I stay upright. (Thankfully, this problem does not last long.)

God does the same for us. Sometimes it is difficult. Sometimes we stumble. But, when we follow the Lord, He is there for us. The Lord holds our hand and we will not fall.

What infinite freedom there is in knowing and following and relying on the Lord.


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