Published September 3, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Weight For It..."

Recently I recalled something that happened at a National Quartet Convention about 10 years ago. The story put a smile on my face.

It was the first evening of the event. I was all dressed up and feeling good, excited to see everyone. Ever since the NQC had moved to Louisville, Paul and I had used the same entrance to the Kentucky Expo Center exhibition hall. Each year, the same lady had checked passes.  The second time I passed her, she said, "Put on a little weight, haven't you?"

Paul kept walking as he cracked up laughing. I stopped and he says my face got this stunned look. I was floored by her serious question.

In all honesty, I had taken off about seven pounds and then put four pounds back on. So, technically, I had gained a little weight over the past year. Just a little.

Unsolicited comments come from people all the time and each of us has to deal with them. You can get quite annoyed with what someone says, even just in passing.

Probably the better alternative is to listen to what is said, be aware of who is saying it and then decide what to do with the comment.

Review the comment. Perhaps there is some bit of truth in it that needs to be accepted and acted upon.

Consider who is making the comment. Some people have a comment on everything. Whatever comes into their head flows out from their mouth. Some people are more deliberate in their speech. Some people speak from a heart of love. Be aware of who is talking.

After you evaluate, the choices are obvious. You can take the comment with the grain of salt it deserves or accept the comment as valid and act upon it appropriately.

I have to admit I hadn't been walking on a regular basis. I hadn't been watching my diet as closely as I once did. Maybe I needed to be more diligent in watching my weight and guarding my health.

Be prepared for the comments. They will come. By the way, have you put on a little weight?!

- Shelia

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