Published August 13, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"The Power"

When electricity was just becoming available, neighbors were surprised that an elderly, rather miserly lady had electricity installed in her house. It was a couple months later when the man who read the usage meter visited her house. The meter registered little, almost no usage.

He questioned the lady whether she was using the electricity.

"Yes, I use it every day. I turn on the lights while I light my oil lamps, then I turn the lights off."

As Christians, we are connected to the power of God. We have the shield to protect us from temptation. We have the power to speak boldly for the Lord. We have the belt of truth to keep us from being deceived. We have the Spirit to guide us. We have the guidebook, the Bible, to encourage us on the road of life. We are able to pray at any time and God is listening.

Prayer is essential to the Christian. How often do we go through the day with only 10-second prayers for breakfast, lunch, dinner. And, then there are the "quickie" prayers when we need a parking space or see an accident. Maybe we give 20 seconds for our bedtime prayer, if we aren't too sleepy.

The live connection is available for God's power. God is waiting to hear from us. Can we give Him 15 minutes – half an hour – an hour of conversing. Can we take the time to listen and talk? Do we believe God deserves our time? Do we believe praying – seriously praying – makes a difference in situations?

We laugh at how foolish it is to be hooked up to electricity and then to use it only to light lamps. But, it is extremely more foolish to be connected to the power of God and to use it only for 10 second intervals. We are connected to the power. Set aside a concentrated time to spend with God and watch Him work.

- Shelia

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