Published July 2, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Missed Opportunity?"

Paul parked in front of the neighborhood Turkey Hill convenience store and went in to pick up some milk. I sat in the car and waited.

A car pulled up beside ours. The first thing I noticed was the big dog in the passenger seat. I keep my distance from big dogs.

Paul returned to our car, glanced at the car beside us and then did a second look. The driver was a girl, probably in her late teens.

Following his look, I looked more closely. "Is she crying?" I asked.

"She looks distraught," he replied with concern in his voice.

We sat in the car with the motor running. Both of us watched the girl. Finally, I asked whether he thought I should go talk to her.

As I reached for the door handle to go ask if she was alright, she shut off her car and ran down the sidewalk toward the store entrance. But she missed the door because she was still crying and had to turn back to enter the store. We watched as she quickly moved to the back of the store.

At that point, since she was among people, we left the parking lot and headed for home.

Should I have talked to her? Was it any of my business? Was it my responsibility? Should I have acted faster – or immediately – when I saw she was crying? Should I have followed her into the store? What could I have done?

What impact does Jesus in our lives have on our responses? Does God put us in particular places at particular times so we can minister to particular people? Do we believe that introducing Jesus to someone could make a change in their life? Are we willing to take the initiative and offer the one who "fixed" us to others who need a "fixer-upper" in their lives?

As we see opportunities, Lord, help us to respond quickly and appropriately. Help us to move beyond ourselves and our pride. Help us to share Jesus with a world that so desperately needs Him.

- Shelia

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