Published June 25, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Missing The Big Things"

Paul and I enjoy taking walks through the city. The 3½ mile walk is good exercise and people and sights along the way make it interesting. It is also a welcome opportunity for uninterrupted conversation.

Because of my eye problems and surgery last summer, I have found myself watching the ground much more carefully. With lesser vision, I look for uneven pavement or obstacles I might otherwise miss.

One of the benefits of watching the ground is finding coins. I pride myself on finding pennies, as well as dimes and the occasional quarter.

As we were walking through a mostly-deserted (for summer) college campus, Paul suddenly stopped and pointed toward the ground. I looked, expecting to see a coin. But, I couldn't see a coin.

Seeing my confusion, he again pointed. This time I looked to precisely where he was pointing. I saw a couple of dollar bills, which I quickly (and joyously) recovered.

Although I can readily spot a coin, I had completely missed the much bigger bills. I wasn't looking for dollar bills. I was looking for coins. I was so tuned to look for the little coins that I couldn't see the much larger bills blowing in the breeze.

How often do we limit ourselves or miss opportunities because we are looking for only the little things?

Moses wasn't looking for a leadership position and tried to convince God that He was calling the wrong man. Look what he accomplished.

Jonah was so busy with his agenda that he couldn't go to Nineveh. But, after the big fish episode, the city of Nineveh turned to God and repented.

Peter was busy with boats and fish. But, God asked Him to fish for men. When God took control of his bold, brash personality, Peter became a church leader and spoke confidently and boldly impacting countless lives.

Maybe as you look at these examples, you are thinking "but I can't do that." And, I wouldn't want you to attempt to be Moses or Jonah or Peter.

What has God called you to do for Him?

What is in your path that you aren't even seeing? What gifts has God given that you've put on the back burner? What talents are available within you if you would only attempt to use them?

Please don't be so intent looking for pennies that you miss the dollar bills right in front of you. God's resources are unlimited. He has gifted you. Look to Him and see.

- Shelia

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