Published May 7, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"My Mother"

My mother was a remarkable lady. She didn't have an elite education. She lived in a time when many women didn't go to high school. She didn't attend school beyond the lower grades. But, she was wise.

She didn't have a high powered job. She worked around a farm and when we moved to town, she worked as a cook at the local school.

She didn't have much money. With five children, she was frugal and stretched money beyond what seemed possible. We didn't have fancy meals or clothes, but we never went hungry and we were clean and adequately covered.

Whether it was a meal to be shared or work that someone needed done, she served rather than expecting to be served.

She wasn't vocal about her faith, but, at the local school where she worked, everyone knew she was a Christian. She showed it daily with her smile, kind comments and positive attitude.

I'm proud of my mother.

When I left home, my mother wrote to me every week. I looked forward to those letters whether I was in my home state, on another continent or settled in Pennsylvania.

My mom continued to write until she could no longer write a letter. Towards the end, she used carbon paper so each of us children received a letter with some carbon pages and some originally written pages. Some of those last letters had incomplete words, as well as incomplete thoughts. And, finally, she could no longer write a letter.

That woman who wrote so faithfully for so many years is the same woman who didn't even know me the last time I saw her. It didn't seem possible that the woman who spent hours communicating with me, didn't remember who I was.

But, I loved and remembered her. Her forgetting didn't change our close relationship.

That reminds me of Jesus. Even if I forget Him through no fault of my own, He won't forget me. Even if I can no longer read His word due to diminished eye sight, He won't discard me. Even if I can no longer share the plan of salvation or even understand it, He will still accept me. Even if I can no longer communicate with Him because I am incapacitated, He will remain with me.

Matthew 28: 20 reads, "I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

I didn't forget my mom because she forgot me. A kind and loving Savior isn't going to forget me because I might forget Him. Take comfort, Christian, and serve Him while you can. He will remember you.

- Shelia

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