Published April 9, 2013

Shelia Shares....

We've all heard about the miracle of the bread and fish from John 6. Jesus multiplied the available food, just five barley loaves and two small fishes, and 5,000 men were fed. Plus, there were leftovers – 12 baskets full!

Another miracle occurred that day. A little boy believed that his small lunch was enough to share.

The boy could have decided to keep the food for himself. After all, his mother did pack it for him. It could have been rationalized that there wasn't enough to feed everyone, so why give it. He could have thought that it wasn't worth mentioning. The loaves and fishes were just too little.

However, there was a miracle because the boy gave what he had.

What do you have?

As a teenager, what can you share of your youth? Your enthusiasm? Your physical strength? Your faith that life is good?

As a senior citizen, what can you share? Your wisdom? Your time? Your experience? Your ear to listen?

As a parent, what can you share? Your experiences? Your concern? Your persistence? Your wealth? Your love?

Whoever you are, you have something to share. Maybe we don't see miracles because we don't believe enough to share what we already have.

- Shelia

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