Published February 5, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"Every Need Supplied"

God is a God who supplies. We just need to recognize that all we have comes from Him.

He supplies the basic needs of life. He even supplies the little extras. He uses other people. Sometimes, He uses unexpected circumstances.

We've been working with Templeton Tours for a number of years. Some of you have been the recipients of a free Singing At Sea cruise from The Gospel Greats program, courtesy of Templeton Tours. The cruise is a great time of food and fellowship with new and old friends.

Over a year ago, Jeff Templeton invited Paul and me to join them on the 2013 Singing At Sea cruise. We were thrilled to say, "yes."

However, I knew I needed to book a flight to get us to Florida. I checked flights on line and costs exceeded our budget. I didn't book at that time. Later, when I went back again to the airline web site, I found an online rate that was about one-fourth the original cost. I booked online and soon we head for Florida.

What a blessing that God gave us a reduced rate on our flight and made the trip possible.

I still needed to book transport from the airport to the cruise terminal (port). Then an email arrived from a lady we have never met. She listens to The Gospel Greats program, gets our email newsletter and I've corresponded with her several times in the past. She and her husband are also going on the Singing At Sea cruise and she asked if they could pick us up at the airport.

Wow! What a blessing that God provided our transport to the ship.

This is an example of monetary needs being met for us. But, God goes beyond that.

God provided a couple of people to be with me this summer after my surgery, which enabled Paul to continue with his work. A stranger saw our building and stopped by to see if we had extra space. His church viewed the space, did quite a bit of fix up work and is now meeting in our building – a blessing for them in having a nice facility and a blessing for us to have a part in their ministry.

And then there was the friend who "happened" to mention the company that installed their furnace just when we were needing to replace our furnace. And there was the coupon in the mail for car inspection that arrived just when I was looking for someone honest to work on my car.

You can tell me that I am "lucky." Or maybe my "stars" were in the right order for good things to happen.

I prefer to believe that God works in every area of our lives and makes provisions for what we need. I prefer to believe that God cares about us. The truth is that God loves me and shows it in so many ways.


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