Published January 15, 2013

Shelia Shares....
"God's Provision"

The event described below happened a few years ago. But, the way God meets needs hasn't changed. The way He asks us to be His hands and feet hasn't changed. And, are there still people who have needs today? Yes — that hasn't changed either. Thank God for His provision and be ready to share what He has so graciously given you.

Sunday was our monthly fellowship meal at our church. Everyone had eaten and the clean-up was about to begin. The church phone rang.

On the line was a person asking for food. They weren't from right nearby our church. Why didn't they go to any of the places in their neighborhood? Why did they call us?

The answer was that they could get food tomorrow from some of those places, but today they needed to eat. Would we help?

I was there when the discussion between the pastor and kitchen coordinator took place. My crock pot was empty, but they could have all the leftover applesauce I had brought. When the congregation was asked if they would be willing to donate their leftover food, the answer was unanimous. People were more than willing to go home with empty containers. Take the food to someone who needs it.

I found it interesting to hear the comments from people in the church. They went something like this:

"Wasn't it neat that we had to change the day of our potluck from next Sunday to today? Otherwise we wouldn't have been here for this call."

"How special that we were still here and had food ready to give."

"There shouldn't be people that are hungry in Lancaster County."

"I wonder how God will multiply our leftovers this time."

I particularly enjoy when God gives us an opportunity to share our plenty with those who are not as fortunate materially. We are blessed through the giving. They are blessed through having a need met. God is a wonderful coordinator. What could be better!

- Shelia

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