Published October 30, 2012

Shelia Shares....
"Missed Opportunities"

Thanks to the many of you who sent a response to last week's Shelia Shares and even offered to pray for Courtney. Kevin McCullough of Faithful Friends Quartet told me it reminded him of an incident in his life. With his permission, I share his story. What opportunities have I missed? What opportunities have you missed?

- Shelia

"I learned a very hard lesson several months ago. I missed an opportunity and it has changed me. My excuse is that I was on my lunch break and didn't have time (which is true) but it has bothered me ever since.

"My wife and I were in a ‘Subway' waiting in line to place our order when a younger man came into line behind me. He obviously had some type of mental issues, but he was very talkative. I have a tender heart for the underdog so talked with him. No one else would engage with him, and he recognized that fact. He showed me how much money he had in his wallet to buy his lunch and needed help figuring out what the best deal was for the money he had. I listened as he ordered. He needed to spend less than $5.00 because he had a ten dollar bill and needed to get a new pair of ‘tenny shoes.' There was a dollar bargain store across the street and I figured that he was probably going there to get a $5.00 pair of shoes.

"What has bothered me is that during our conversation, he was showing me his very worn and wet shoes. (It was raining.) He asked me if I thought he should get a cheap pair or a more expensive pair.

"He would keep looking at my shoes and saying, ‘Those are nice shoes. Where did you get those?' I do have a nice pair of shoes, even though they were free because of a contact I have with someone that works for a shoe store. I said to my wife, ‘If I only had more time, I would go and buy him a new pair of shoes.' But, I wished him a good day and headed back to work.

"While driving back to work, it hit me like a baseball bat. The Holy Spirit asked why I didn't give him my shoes. I could have gone across the street and got a pair of $5.00 shoes to finish my day at work. But, I didn't. Why?

"I have asked God to forgive me for my selfishness. I realize that I will not have that same opportunity again. But, I ask Him to help me to be more sensitive to those in need. I was kind, but that wasn't all I could have done.

"These opportunities are everywhere around us. We just need to pay attention."

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