Published June 12, 2012

Shelia Shares....
"Are You Like A Good Watch?"

I recently heard a sermon on the radio which likened a Christian to a good watch. I don't remember all the points. (It is difficult to take notes and drive in traffic. That's a little like texting, I guess.) Nevertheless, I remembered a few of the ways mentioned that we are the same as a good watch — and I thought of a few more similarities.

A good watch is open faced. You don't have to hunt to see the time. With a Christian, you don't have to hunt to know that they know Christ. Their life is open, since it is true to God with nothing to hide.

A good watch has busy hands. The hands of a watch don't stop and then start and then stop. They keep going. A Christian has busy hands. There is much to do to show Christ to the world. We find ways to keep ourselves fed and then ways to share with others.

A good watch is full of good works. A clock is complete on the inside, so the time on the outside is correct. A Christian is completely dependent on the Holy Spirit inside, so the Christian can be functioning properly outside. Good works are not how we obtain salvation, but an outward evidence as a result of thankfulness for that free gift of salvation.

A good watch is consistent and faithful. A good watch doesn't depend on circumstances to run. It remains consistent and trustworthy. So, a Christian isn't a Christian only when the circumstances are right. A Christian is Christian because God is consistent and faithful and we trust Him and grow to be more like Him.

A good watch is useful. It performs the job it was made to do. So, also, a Christian is useful and has a purpose to fulfill. We were created to serve God and fellowship with Him and encourage others to do the same.

Are you like a good watch? The time is short. Use it wisely.

- Shelia

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