Published December 6, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"Keeper Of The Light."

As I entered the little craft shoppe, that wording on a wooden sign jumped out at me. "Keeper Of The Light."

"That would be a great sign for our church," I commented to our former pastor, with whom, along with his wife, we were spending the day.

Mary was a keeper of the light. She gave birth to Him, nourished Him, held Him, encouraged Him, trained Him, guided Him, observed Him, and finally allowed Him to go to do His father's will.

The disciples walked with Jesus each day. They learned from Him, observed Him, followed Him, obeyed Him. Sometimes they faltered, but He held on to them. He left the earth, instructing them to be keepers of the light in a dark world.

Jesus comes to each of us. He encourages us, loves us, gives us a second birth. His light shines in us spilling over to a lost and dying world. As we celebrate this Christmas season, be a keeper of the light and celebrate the light of the world – Jesus.

What a great sign for every church – "Keeper Of The Light!"

- Shelia

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