Published November 8, 2011

Shelia Shares....

John 15:9-17 is a wonderful passage that reminds us we did not first choose God; rather, He first chose us. What a thrilling thought!

But being chosen in this way comes with the responsibility to do the work – the work of producing "fruit." And, the fruit we produce needs to be fruit that will last.

When I think about producing fruit, I think of the two apple trees in our yard. We only wanted one, but the salesman told us we needed two. We have two trees because they pollinate each other. They work together.

Does this say anything to us as Christians? Do we need each other to produce fruit? Can we do it all alone? We need the Holy Spirit to work with us if we are to be fruitful. But, how much easier it is to do a job if we have the support of those around us. Perhaps we can take a hint from the apple trees.

Is producing fruit a personal thing? Am I the only one who will know if I am fruitful? Anyone driving past our back yard is able to see whether our trees have fruit. Do they have the white blossoms in the spring? Are the apples there later in the year? Is the wood of the tree totally dead? It's all obvious to neighbors who are always there to see, as well as to those people who only drive past occasionally.

What about the fruit that is produced? If it is picked and processed, it results in good applesauce or an apple pie, which produces a good fragrance and a sweet taste in the mouth. So it is with the fruit that we work to produce. The new Christian sends out a sweet fragrance – pleasant to see and know.

Do the work to produce the fruit of your spiritual life and then thank God for the harvest.

- Shelia

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