Published October 11, 2011

Shelia Shares....

We had a cute team of ducklings (it is a "team," I looked it up!) born, apparently, near our offices. They were so tiny and cute and fluffy.

It was interesting to watch the mother and her ducklings.

When she quacked and stopped, they all stopped. When she quacked and moved, they all moved. They obeyed immediately.

She was alert to dangers, whether in the tall grass or on the busy road. Even though the ducklings weren't visible through the tall grass, they trusted her and followed. They were so tiny, they couldn't see where they were going. Still they went.

They stayed in line. As long as they stayed in line, they all ended up where the Mama duck lead.

When I got too close, she froze. The ducklings all stood motionless, too. They didn't begin to move until she had given the "OK" quack.

What a lesson for us humans.

God is more than willing to lead us. We just need to follow. Immediately. He knows the path even where we can't see. He expects our trust. He has the best in store for us. He knows what will be there when we get there. His job is to lead and our job is to follow.

So, whether you are a duckling following the mother duck or a human following God, the best comes when we are willing to trust the One who knows. Listen for the "quack" and then move out.

- Shelia

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