Published October 4, 2011

Shelia Shares....

The Food Network has some interesting shows. One tells about specific types of foods and shows how and where they are made.

Recently they took us to a factory where "Cheese Its" are made. These are little square crackers with a great cheese flavor. In the center of each cracker is a small hole. I assumed it was just the design mold.

However, the hole in the cracker is there for a specific and important purpose. During the cooking process, the cracker needs to let out steam and pressure, so it cooks and dries properly. Thus, the hole.

We are created with that same need. We need to let out steam and get out from under the pressure before we "blow up."

What are the "holes" in your life that allow the steam to escape?

Do you take time to relax? Sometimes we need a change of scenery. Sometimes we need sleep. Sometimes we need a time of laughter. Sometimes we need silence and solitude. Sometimes we need the church surrounding and encouraging us.

I've read that one reason God commanded the Sabbath as a day of rest is because we need to relax and get away from daily work at least once during a busy week. Our Creator thought it was important to have a day without the normal pressures. He rested after six days of work. Do you think the One who created us understands how we are put together and understands what we need to function best?

Just as the makers of "Cheese Its" understand a cracker needing to release pressure, so the Maker of men and women understand our need to be out of the daily pressure cooker. Listen to the Maker. Relax.

- Shelia

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