Published September 6, 2011)

Shelia Shares....
"Step-On Guides"

This summer Paul and I took a week away from the office for a bus trip to Canada. There were a number of stops during the week, including Niagara Falls (Canadian side), Moosonee (only reached by boat, train or plane), the Thousand Islands (one-hour cruise). To get acquainted with the major cities, Toronto and Ottawa, we had a tour of the city with "step-on" guides (so-called because they "step onto" our bus).

These guides are from the city and not only point out the sites, but also explain in depth what we are seeing and often the significance. For instance, our guide in Ottawa not only showed us all the locks on the river, but told us how the city allows the rivers to freeze during the winter so people can skate for fun or skate into their jobs in the city. He told us about the hundreds of parks all through the city and the Ottawa people's pride in being one of the greenest cities in the world. He told us about historic fires in stately buildings and the lasting effects of that destruction. He told us the best place to stand to see the guards march to the Capital for the changing of the guard. He knew the city and we could see it through his eyes.

These "step-on" guides are not a part of our tour group. They simply come on our bus for a period of time to direct us through the city.

As Christians, we are "step-on" guides to the world around us. We don't belong on this earth. We are here for a while. Our home is an eternal one in heaven.

But, while we are here, we need to tell people about what they are seeing. The events happening now have significance for the eternal. The Bible, our guide book, tells us about the past and choices that were made — good and bad. We can use those examples to help people today to make those good choices. To people who haven't studied this Book, we can give the needed direction for this journey that we make. Although we are living and working here, part of our job is to introduce the "head" guide, Jesus.

We don't belong to this world.

Are we willing to step in to people's lives and share what we know? Are we willing to invite questions about Jesus? Are we willing to study the guide book so we can give the correct information? Is sharing Jesus important enough for us to spend the time talking about Him and living as He wants us to live?

If I had passed him on the street, I wouldn't have known this guide had all this information about the city. But, he was willing to come on our bus and share.

Whose life have you stepped into and shared Jesus? Was it a child? Was it a neighbor? Was it a co-worker? Are you willing to step into their lives, tell them about Jesus and make an eternal difference?

- Shelia

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