Published August 16, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"One Way"

Last evening I went for a walk with Paul. I met him about halfway along the route near the train station and finished the walk through the city with him.

After the walk, since I had left my car across the city, Paul drove me to pick up my car. He backed up to allow me to lead the way — a big mistake. This was an unfamiliar part of the city for me, so I motioned to Paul which direction to go. He motioned to go right down the alley towards a street. At the end of the alley, I again motioned to ask him which direction to go. He again motioned to the right. I made the turn, not noticing an inconveniently-placed sign across the street.

As soon as I entered the street, I heard shouting. Two ladies were sitting on the steps outside their houses. "No, No, No!" they yelled. Immediately, I knew what was wrong.

Then a car coming towards me in the other lane started honking. I had turned and gone the wrong way on a one-way street. It was a fairly quiet time of the evening, so I was never in real danger. But, I did want to get turned around and go the right direction.

The driver saw me stop as I waited for him to pass by me so I could turn around. He stuck his head out the window and yelled, "Turn around. Make a U-turn. Turn in front of me."

So, I made a U-turn on the fortunately-wide street and drove down the street in the proper direction. I was never in real danger, but I was embarrassed. I could just hear the thoughts going through their heads such as, "Just like a woman driver."

Was I mad that anyone had noticed my error? No. Was I upset that the driver refused to move until I made a turn in the right direction? No. Was I upset that he instructed me how to do it by making a U-turn? No. Was I frustrated that a stranger drew attention to my problem with honking his horn? No.

I was embarrassed. I was thankful to be told of my mistake so a correction could be made.

We are often told to be sensitive to people's feelings when we share Jesus Christ. We do need to be sensitive — to a degree.

But with my driving, when a danger was seen, neither the ladies on the street nor the guys in the car cared about being sensitive to my feelings. They were more concerned with me being safe and starting to go the right direction.

Do we need to stop "hinting" at salvation through Jesus Christ? When we see people spiritually going the wrong way, do we need to start yelling, "No, No, No." Do we need to shout, "Turn around! Make a U-turn!" and stay right there waiting until they do. Do we need to ask bluntly, "Do you want to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior? Have you ever made that decision? Tomorrow could be too late."

I'm thankful I'm driving the right direction down the streets of my city. I'm thankful as well that someone shared Jesus with me and told me I need to ask Him into my life. I'm thankful to be traveling with the Holy Spirit in this world and knowing I'll meet Jesus when my life journey takes me to heaven for all eternity.

Do you need to turn around? There is, after all, only One Way.

- Shelia

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