Published May 17, 2011)

Shelia Shares....
"Running Ahead"

I climbed into my car in the store parking lot. I had purchased some groceries at the discount store and needed to get them home and into the freezer.

As I started the car, I saw a little boy (maybe about four years old) run out of the store, all the while looking over his shoulder. He was laughing and excited to be ahead of his dad, who was still in the store.

I saw the car coming straight at him and heard the screeching of the brakes and the sounding of the horn. The car stopped, the child was safe – and surprised to see the car almost on top of him. The father ran out of the store, grabbed the child and began his lecture on safety in a store parking lot. The joy of the journey was suddenly gone.

I began to think about how often I am ahead of God. He's still back making sure everything is moving at the speed it should move. He has already warned me about the dangers of going forward without Him. I look back laughing, ready to tell God how great I am doing as I run ahead of Him. I am excited about the progress I am making and I never even see the danger of where I am going or what I am doing. Sometimes it takes the horn sounding to even alert me to the presence of danger.

Sometimes there is discipline when I've done wrong. Sometimes there is loving restoration. Sometimes I learn — and avoid making the same mistake again. Sometimes I don't learn – and I need to be disciplined time and again or even get into real trouble or harm myself by continuing to do the wrong thing without the Lord.

Just as a child needs to learn to wait for his parent to walk along side of him and be sure the path is safe, so I need to wait and walk with my Lord as He makes sure I am safe and going in the proper direction.

God's timing might seem slow to me. But, how much better I function and how much more I accomplish when I wait for Him to tell me to move and when He walks beside or in front of me.

- Shelia

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