Published April 12, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"Silent Witness"
(This column is repeated from Easter 2007. I think it bears repeating.)

On the Sunday before Easter, Paul gave each person in our church a metal pin which read, "EASTER. He lives." It was an attractive pin which also showed three small crosses.

As Paul made sure each person got the pin, he told us to wear it for two weeks, including the week prior to Easter and the week following Easter. The pin is called a "silent witness," but he instructed that if someone asked us about the pin, we were not to be silent.

On Tuesday evening, I stopped at a Subway. This particular subway offers Tuesday foot-long subs for $2.99. With it being such a bargain, the line is always long.

This particular Tuesday evening was no exception. The line was long – and slow.

I waited patiently. When it was my turn, I gave my order. The first lady hollowed out my bread, added the meat and cheese and passed it on to a young man. It was his job to add the vegetables to the subs.

As he looked at me, I gave my request for lots of onions and some pickles and black olives. He put them on and looked at me again.

"That looks great," I said with a smile. "You did a perfect job. Thank you."

He stopped wrapping the sub and just looked at me. Then with an answering smile on his face, he said a simple "thanks," finished my sub and moved to the next customer. I smiled, paid another lady for my sub and headed out the door.

It was only later that I realized that although people had said "thanks" in passing, no one in that entire line had told him he did a good job. No one had actually recognized him for what he had done.

I don't know whether he saw my Easter pin. But, if he did notice it, it was a good witness for Jesus. If he didn't see it, I did. That made it worthwhile, since it reminded me of Who I represent and probably affected the way I tried to go the extra mile in treating the man with the respect he deserved.


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