Published March 29, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"Taking A Stand"

There are several players at a Bull Riding Event. Of course, there are the bulls and the bull riders. They challenge each other. Sometimes the bull rider wins. Sometimes the bull is the "winner."

There are also judges that judge both the bull and the rider. They give a score for how both the bull and the rider perform. They also make sure it is a qualified ride.

There are also bullfighters. These are the men that put their lives on the line so the bull riders can get away from the bull without being mauled.

The ride ends when the rider is bucked off the bull, falls off the bull or jumps off the bull. It doesn't matter how the bull and rider part company, generally the bull is not happy. He doesn't like having a rope around him. He doesn't like having someone on his back. He doesn't like to lose in a contest.

The bullfighter's job is to get between the bull and the rider, so the rider can make his escape without injury. Sometimes the fighter will need to get the bull's attention. He might grab the bull's horns or hit his side. He might yell. He will do whatever it takes to get the bull's attention. He takes a stand to save the rider.

Sometimes the bullfighter becomes the victim. While protecting the rider, he gets caught by a horn. He gets thrown across the arena. He gets mauled by the bull. But, the fighter is willing to take the chance. The bull riders depend on the bullfighter doing his job which allows the rider to concentrate on doing his job of staying on the bull.

Sometimes life is as rough as a bull ride. People are tossed and fall. Sometimes people get in the grip of sin and can't seem to escape under their own power. It's not a pretty sight.

Are we called to be fighters against sin? Is it our job to stand between Satan and people who are struggling? Are we willing to take a stand against the devil knowing that he won't like it?

When people are down, do we just leave them there? Do we say, "It's too bad. But, they got there on their own, let them get out on their own. It's not my job."

There is no way we can help others unless we are exercised and fit. If we are limping along, how can we expect to assist others in their fight? We'll both end up getting mauled.

We need to exercise our praying hearts. Pray. It's that simple and that hard. It takes time and determination.

Exercise your caring heart. Genuinely care about people. It can't be a numbers game where we focus on how many people we are assisting. It can't be something we do to gain attention.

There are times when we need to stand between Satan and other people. The dangerous situation might not even be evident to them. They have no clue that they are about to be mauled by sin.

To take a stand might be a risk of your friendship. Others may laugh at us and say we are fighting the wind. Our status (or sanity) might be questioned. Are we willing to fight anyway?

It might be taking a stand for those who are in the ministry. Being willing to give the time and energy to stand between them and the devil so they can continue to minister.

Bullfighters in the arena are an essential part of bull riding. No rider would want to be without them.

In the arena of life, we need fighters. We need people to put their lives on the line. We need people who aren't willing to sit and watch the action and remain spectators. Satan won't like it but the rewards are wonderful.

- Shelia

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